Student Safety at Risk Once Again

There are many issues at stake in this year's school budget. For the sake of time, I want to bring one, in particular, to the forefront. That is the slated cuts of both the a.m. preschool bus routes and the a.m. and p.m. alternative school bus routes. I will attempt to provide more informatin in … Continue reading Student Safety at Risk Once Again


Proposal for the ORSB FY2010 Budget Adjustments

I submitted the following to the ORSB this evening. The formatting isn't as pretty as it should be, but it's been a very long day, so this is what you get.------------------------------------RECOMMENDATIONS Propose that all staff be afforded a 1% pay raise in lieu of a step increase and that the school system forego the $135,000 … Continue reading Proposal for the ORSB FY2010 Budget Adjustments

Robertsville/Illinois Crossing Guard Status

FYI. I'll post updates as responses are received. From: Trina baughn Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 14:45Subject: Crossing Guard Status @ RMSChief Beams,I have not seen a crossing guard at the Robertsville/Illinois intersection for weeks now. This intersection remains heavily trafficked by both high school and middle school students from what I understand. Can you … Continue reading Robertsville/Illinois Crossing Guard Status