Fairy Princess Party

We had a wonderful time at Inch's 3rd birthday party today. We had it at the Oak Ridge Children's Museum (our new favorite place) and most all of the family got to come as well as many dear friends. The theme wasTinkerbell (with a Princess cake) and Inch made the most adorable Tink! Allof the … Continue reading Fairy Princess Party


A Not-so-Quick Update on Proposed Transportation Cuts

On April 20th, the ORSB passed their FY2010 budget. Of major note, they eliminated the originally proposed cuts of 6 TAs and transportation for a.m. preschool riders and the alternative school students. We actively pursued these reinstatements as discussed here and here and here. These were major victories for our children and our schools, but … Continue reading A Not-so-Quick Update on Proposed Transportation Cuts