Holding On

The time is fast approaching, clinging to every fleeting moment While the joy is still so abundant, still so pure Plays with dolls, tells silly jokes, questions everything Laughs hard, loud and often Climbs trees, doorways, rocks Always planning, plotting, working NYC to CZM to OBX My travel buddy, museum docent, trailblazer Kitchen chemist, delightful dancer, … Continue reading Holding On


Take a Virtual Drive Through the Scottish Countryside

I’ve found an excellent panacea for my travel withdrawals in Googlemaps/Streetview! Many of us have used it to check out our old stomping grounds, but I’m just discovering the various other countries they’ve uplinked. I was delighted when I found that I could tool through neighborhoods and along the seashore of one of my favorite … Continue reading Take a Virtual Drive Through the Scottish Countryside