First Blog Post Ever

My developing this site will probably seem like a bit of a contradiction to those who’ve heard my opinions on the matter. I’ll explain later.

Some of my goals in doing this include:

Creating a personal discussion board of sorts for subjects near and dear to me. Potential topics of interest may include politics (local mostly), raising children, every-day health and safety, spiritual matters, social issues, etc.

Developing some “about me” statements that are necessary to understand my perspectives on various issues.

Things I still need to figure out:
– How to set up a section where I can put links to documents located on my PC.
– How to set up an interactive Q&A section separate from daily blogs.
– How to insert a counter to view number of hits
– If necessary, how to maintain a certain level of privacy

All positive, constructive feedback and comments are welcome. Negativity (to be defined or perhaps re-labeled later) won’t be tolerated – included from me. Feel free to call me out on it.

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  1. Good to see you! You'll get the hang of all these questions eventually. I've never heard much good out of Blogger. You really might want to consider doing it on WordPress, just because I think its a bit better, and you'll have more ownership of it. I really don't think linking directly to your PC is a good idea at all. If you have a lot of docs that you'd like online, and you can't link to them elsewhere, you can probably upload em and display em the same way you'd do images.Let me know if you need any help, you have my email.

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