$7 Million Free Money!

In our little town, few things get politicians more excited than the word “grant.” Even though grants are nothing more than redistributed taxes, they are hailed as free money that will finally solve some dire necessity. You know, like a $1 million fountain/splash pad. Meanwhile, true needs continue to go unmet. Though I’ve regularly pointed … Continue reading $7 Million Free Money!



As we've seen in the news again today, active shooter incidents are not going away. Instead of arguing over laws and religion and instead of waiting on the government to protect us, what if we all decided to take a literal stand by refusing to be passive victims? If you read no further down this … Continue reading WE DON’T HAVE TO BE VICTIMS


Who dine like celebrities while feeding you what you want to hear Who rejoice in exotic locations after inculcating you with fear Who pay themselves six figures from your taxes and your tithes Who silence their critics with propaganda, slander and lies Who offer forgiveness for your sins, but for their own evade consequence Who … Continue reading Bums

Flushing Your Cash Down the Drain: The Infamous Oak Ridge Marina Bathroom

This is old news, but so many people continue to ask me about it that I’ve decided to share everything I know here. For those who have never visited our lovely marina bathrooms, you might think that they had marble walls and gold plated urinals given the steep price tag borne by taxpayers. Think again. Pictures … Continue reading Flushing Your Cash Down the Drain: The Infamous Oak Ridge Marina Bathroom