May 18, 07 LTE (Oak Ridger) Opposition to increased Property Tax

Loudest to be heard at expense of others

As an educated, school-supporting, taxpaying citizen of Oak Ridge with children in the Oak Ridge School System, I am voicing my OPPOSITION to the proposed property tax increase to be voted on May 21st.
Do I support our schools and our educators? Yes — as I’ve stated before, they were a primary influencing factor in our decision to move here seven years ago.
Can I afford the extra couple of hundred dollars this will cost me annually? Yes.
Do I believe that this additional cost to all of our households will solve any problem? NO!
Whatever the schools and local officials have stated as financial fact, the formula is simple: If the greatness of our schools has failed to attract up to 70 to 90 percent of Oak Ridge DOE workers over the last 10 years, then increased property taxes WILL NOT resolve our schools financial problems. In fact, they may prove to be counter-productive to the goal of increased revenue and the sustained vitality of our community.
I hope that our present and future elected officials recognize that the majority of citizens lack the time and resources of those who voice their opinions the loudest.
While there may be a few citizens who will readily accept an increased property tax to meet whatever demands the school system may make, they represent a very small minority.
Raising property taxes to appease the loudest yellers is the equivalent of giving a screaming toddler candy; it is neither conducive to the end goal nor is it in the best interest of the community.

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