May 29, 07 Questions Submitted During Regular ORSB Meeting

1. Do you have any reason to believe that the State of TN will grant you zero dollars out of the anticipated $280,000-$3million dollars that they have indicated will come to OR schools?

2. Please list one line item (that does not hinder you from meeting state or federal mandates) of your 2007/2008 budget that is of greater importance than our children’s safety.

3. Please explain how much of the following amounts of additional funds added to the budget for 2008 over 2007 are to be used to directly meet state or federal mandates. Refer to page 2 of the ORS 2008 submitted budget.

o $425,000 additional funds for “Other – Instructional Contingency” ($475,000 Total for 2008)
o $90,670 for “Other Student Support” ($1,523,316 Total for 2008)
o $115,189 for “Fiscal Services” ($709,876 Total for 2008)
o $88,585 for “Central Services” ($1,003,434 Total for 2008)
o $52,062 for “Operating Transfers” ($114,499 Total for 2008)

4. Does the state or federal government mandate that OR schools provide educational assistants?

5. How much of the $951,308 to be spent on educational assistants is allocated for children’s safety?

6. How much was funding increased to fund special education teaching assistants in 2008 over 2007?

7. As of today, will you fully reinstate the bus transportation cut last year for the 2007/2008 school year?

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