Jun 3, 07 Email to ORSB – Confirmation of No Intent to Reinstate Transportation in 08

I’ve sent the following to all members of the school board. I believe I know the answer, but wanted to be certain that I understood correctly. Maybe this is something everyone but me had already understood, but, then again, maybe not.

ORSB Members,

In my continued quest to understand the budgeting process and thus, participate knowledgeably in future discussions, would you kindly answer the following questions:

Of the 8.8% increase in funding (roughly $13.1 million) that the ORSB requested of the city, how much was intended to fund the reinstatement of transportation that was cut last year?

In other words, had the city granted ORSB the full amount requested, would any of it have been used to reinstate transportation within the 1 mile radius?

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