Aug 23, 07 LTE (Oak Ridger) – Fellner

It has been said that the details of the Fellner case are of no one’s concern but those directly involved. I beg to differ. Here are just a few folks who have a vested interest in its outcome (aside from the accused and the accusers).

 Anyone who yelled about the fireworks this year – if you got ticked off over such a minimal loss, wait until taxpayers get the final bill on a case that stemmed from a decision based on an obvious lack of knowledge and information.

 Anyone who views having a child put their nose against a wall or preventing them from eating ice cream before eating their meal as acceptable forms of discipline.

 Anyone who has ever suffered from the ramifications of having been falsely accused of wrong-doing without any factual basis.

 Anyone who has ever regretted something they said or did to a child.

 Anyone who wants to appreciate the responsibility and obstacles that our teachers have to contend with in this day and age.

 Anyone who believes that our society has lost the core values of respect for authority and individual responsibility.

 Anyone who recognizes the importance of genuinely disciplining children, not just pacifying them until the next adult comes along to baby sit.

 Anyone who would feel just the slightest bit upset if they were falsely accused of harming children.

 Anyone whose children attended a school whose administrators exposed them to such an allegedly dangerous person for nearly 3 years.

 Anyone who works for (or would consider working for) the Oak Ridge school system who would mind facing a vote that was not only to terminate you unless you disproved generalized allegations, but also sought to eliminate your ability to earn a living in your chosen profession, only to have the whole process referred to as “moving forward.”

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