Who Have You Been Talking To?

I’ve been considering opening this site up a little to facilitate a greater sharing of information. There’s some pretty decent traffic coming through, not the least of which are some regular hits by local and state officials. One of my thoughts is to post citizen communications, be they written or verbal, here so that all could stay informed of what others are doing. Not only would this allow for a greater sharing of information, but it would also provide support and motivation to folks. It’s hard to keep momentum going without such support. If you’d be interested in sharing something you’ve communicated or had communicated to you from local officials, you could either post a comment below or you could send it to me at protectoakridgekids@gmail.com and I could post it here. You are welcome to specify if you’d like to remain anonymous, but keep in mind that may lead to the need to edit more on my part depending on what is being communicated.

I’m also thinking about including a separate section with links to local news articles that are relevant to the cause. Feel free to send those my way as well. It may be a few weeks before I can accomplish this, but I think it will be worth it.

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