Revisions to this site

I’ve tweaked this site a bit with the hopes of providing more organized information so that people can better support the cause. Most changes involve the sections to the left. Feel free to comment or send more info that I can include.

TN lawmakers will be back in session the second week of January through the end of April. Some of the suggestions that can make our children’s commute safer can only be addressed at the state level.

For a complete list, see the Brainstorming post. I believe that increasing fines for violations made within a school zone is one of the major changes that needs to occur. As I understand it, TN is one of the few states that sets a limit of $50 per incident on infractions such as speeding and red-light running. That shocked me since I know many states double and triple such fines. What shocked me even more was to learn that there have been at least 2 attempts at changing this law and both were voted down. Maybe a 3rd time will be the charm.

I enourage you to contact our representatives (see resources to the left for contact info) as well as our local lobbyist, Bill Nolan 865.250.9278 or to pursue adding changes to the state’s agenda.

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