A Good Sign

I’ve made a decision. I’m now making a concerted effort to avoid patronizing certain businesses in town (they are national chains, not locally owned, BTW). It won’t be easy, but based on a number of principals as well as my growing frustration each time I give them my money, I have to do it.

My first effort paid off very well. Rather than conduct my monthly grocery shopping at the usual place, I went to Kroger instead. I don’t know how my bill would stack up, but the service was AWESOME. I had 5, count them, 5 people check me out. The entire checkout probably took less than 5 minutes; and to make it even sweeter, two of them took my groceries to my car and loaded them up. Now, I don’t expect this kind of service every time I go (especially considering that I won’t always be able to go at a such a non-peak time of day), but I know without a doubt that I can NEVER count on people at the other store to either unload my cart or load my car.

Aah, the little things. Sometimes they are worth so much more than saving a buck or two.

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