The Case for Crossing Guard Retention

The following was sent to the OR City Council, manager, chief of police, the OR School Board and all OR school principals:

Chief Beams,

At least 3 different times this week I’ve noticed that crossing guards were absent (during the appropriate times) at the ORTP/Civic Center and Willow Brook posts. Can you tell me if we still have all 7 posts filled?

Also, I understand that the city may consider reducing or eliminating these positions once transportation is fully reinstated. I encourage the city to retain all of our crossing guards for the next school year due to the following:

1. The cost is minimal considering the value that they bring to our city.
2. There will ALWAYS be children who choose to walk or ride their bikes – this is especially true of many high-schoolers who go to the civic center/library every day after school. You also have to consider that some children miss the bus on occasion and/or are suspended from riding on occasion.
3. The presence of our crossing guards has less tangible benefits like deterring drug trafficking (as one pointed out was occurring until the offenders noticed her watching them) and reinforcing this city’s commitment to our children’s safety.

Should you re-evaluate and find that certain spots yield little to no traffic, please consider other areas that may have higher foot traffic.

Finally, eliminating the crossing guards would undermine the very work that the city and the schools have jointly done in pursuing the Safe Routes grant; thus, possibly jeopardizing our chances of being awarded the funding that it could bring.



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