Positive Report

I’ve heard from one of our long-time drivers some great things about First Student’s safety practices. The report is from this driver having gone through some of their training already and it sounds as though they greatly exceed our school system’s previous standards. One example was that 2 traffic violations on one’s personal record is grounds for immediate termination. Another is that FS requires that they drive 5 mph BELOW the speed limit. And the most impressive to me was an emphasis on safety above all else, even if it means that they will arrive late to their destination.

They also use technology that, from the sounds of it, is about as reliable as it gets in terms of ensuring driver’s conduct the required safety checks each and every time.

I’ve also been told that the city manager will address the future of our crossing guards with council at the next monthly meeting on July 21st. At question are the number who will be retained and where they will be placed.

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