Crossing Guards for 08/09 School Year

Although the discussion on crossing guards during the last city council meeting did not occur as I’d announced, I have some news on that front. According to the city manager, the city has decided to place 2 crossing guards at WillowBrook starting next week. The decision of where to place others has yet to be made, but hopefully they will not take a “wait and see” approach; rather, they should have them in place day one.

If you agree, you know what to do:
City Manager Jim O’Connor 425.3550
Chief of Police David Beams 425.3506
City Council Mayor Tom Beehan 483.4644
Willie Golden 482.4630
Tom Hayes 483.3350
Charlie Hensley 482.6536
Jane Miller 482.9727
David Mosby 482.4193
Ellen Smith 483.3068
Email all

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