School Resumes City-Wide Tomorrow

The 2008/2009 school year in Oak Ridge fully resumes tomorrow and, thankfully, our children will have safer travels to and from school than they did just a year ago. Equal access to transportation for all students, crossing guards, better street markings and signage, and more attentive motorists will undoubtedly result in the risk reduction for which so many of us have worked.

Notes of Interest:

Check the bus schedule (found here). Even if your children won’t be riding the bus, you’ll want to be aware of the new stops that may be at or near your home since more children will converge at pick up points rather than remaining in front of their own homes.

Some children will still walk, so slow down and be alert. Foot traffic is particularly high between the high school and the Civic Center and with the new main entrance of the high school having been moved to the turnpike, motor traffic will likely be higher as well. New markings and signs are in place at the Illinois/Turnpike intersection showing where cars should stop for pedestrian crossings. Please be especially alert at interesections and other areas where children cross.

Our bus drivers are now REQUIRED to drive 5mph below the speed limit. They’ll also be driving new routes. Please be patient with them and keep in mind that SAFETY is their priority.

Finally, tomorrow night’s city council meeting will include further discussion/action on the Red Light Camera issue. Whatever side of the issue you stand, it is important to make your voice heard. Better decisions are made with citizen input.

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