Additional Follow Up with the City

Sent today to the city council, police chief, city manager and copied to the school board:

Hello! I wanted to follow up on some of the matters we’d discussed at the last city council meeting. I’ll keep it brief:

1. Regarding the police officer assigned to direct traffic – is this a permanent measure or will installing a traffic light be pursued?

2. Mr. O’Connor stated that the police would start issuing citations to increase public awareness/enforcement of speed zone and new pedestrian. Have any citations been issued for violations regarding the amendment to TCA Title 55, Chapter 8, Part 1 (motorists stopping at a crosswalk until it is cleared of pedestrians)?

3. Per Ms. Miller’s inquiry and Mr. O’Connor’s agreement, have the radar speed sign trailers been set up?

4. Has TDOT responded to the city’s inquiry (as requested by Mr. Hensley) about implementing speed tables?

5. Has an exact or approximate date been established for the implementation of the speed and red light cameras?

Thank you for keeping this issue as a priority. I look forward to your responses.


Trina Baughn

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