Free DNA LifePrint Child Safety Event in Oak Ridge March 28th

This is a John Walsh sponsored event that will take place on March 28th from 9:30-2:00 at Oak Ridge Chrysler Dodge Jeep Superstore @ 1005 OR Turnpike. Contact Howard Elliot at 482-7670 for further information. I would strongly advise doing so before going as there is no mention of appointments on the flyer I received.

According to the flyer, all services are completely free and information will not be data based – all records go home with the parents.

Flyer Details
(Reproduced from their website

The DNA LifePrint Child Safety Event is brought to your hometown by the generosity of our National and Local Sponsors. The purpose of our program is to provide families with the most important tools they need to safeguard their loved ones – at no cost to them. A complete and accurate set of FBI Certified Biometric Fingerprints, a DNA Sample, a recent full color high quality photograph, and statistical information are critical for an investigator to track a missing child.

Our collaborative efforts in bringing this program to families, provides them with their DNA LifePrint Child Safety Profile:
Ten-Digit FBI Certified Biometric
DNA Lifeprint Home Identification Kit.
A Full Color High Quality Digital Photograph
DNA LifePrint Child Safety Journal

Law enforcement studies have shown that time is critical in the safe recovery of a missing child. Our Program provides every vital tool parents need to have immediately ready for law
enforcement professionals in the event that their child becomes missing. Our child safety materials provide parents with easy-to-find and easy-to-use items that are crucial in aiding law enforcement officials in finding a missing child.

Biometrics is the newest and most advanced technology available today for obtaining fingerprints. We are privileged to be able to use the same equipment presently used by federal agencies, law enforcement, and the US military. Biometric technology allows for a clear and detailed image of the fingerprint. This prevents smudges and errors commonly found in the outdated ink format for taking prints. In addition, we can easily take the prints of young children – even infants – with our mobile and adjustable equipment.The FBI maintains only two national databases for identification: Fingerprints and DNA. A complete set of fingerprints and a DNA sample are crucial investigative tracking tools in the event of a missing child. The Biometric Fingerprints we provide parents are FBI Certified and are safety stored onto a disk. Therefore the Biometric Fingerprints taken at our events are in the correct and required format as defined by the FBI. The FBI Certification allows for immediate submission into the FBI National database with no delay, making them readily available to all law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

The DNA Kit you will receive at your DNA LifePrint Child Safety Event is easy-to-use and is designed to be kept in the privacy and safety of your own home. Our DNA Kit storage method has been scientifically validated to protect the DNA sample from the many outside factors that can negatively affect it. Our product is CODIS compatible – CODIS is the FBI National Computer Database for DNA (C.O.D.I.S. – Combined DNA Index System). Together with your Biometric Fingerprints your family is now equipped with the two items needed for both FBI National Identification Databases.

In the event of a missing child, one of the greatest leads law enforcement officials and investigators have is trace evidence. Trace evidence, in the event of a missing child, is any form of DNA or fingerprints found by investigators that provides evidence of the child’s presence. Hair, eyelashes, urine, sweat, saliva, and blood are all common forms of DNA Trace Evidence.
For example:Your child is abducted by an individual and taken by car to an unknown location, and then the abductor abandons the vehicle. When investigators find the abandoned vehicle, the procedure for law enforcement is to process the vehicle for DNA and fingerprints. With your child’s DNA LifePrint Safety Profile (DNA sample and Biometric Fingerprints) you can provide
law enforcement with your child’s information. With your child’s DNA sample and Biometric Fingerprints, law enforcement officials can then do a comparative analysis with their findings in the abandoned vehicle. If the findings of the comparative analysis results match the information of your child, law enforcement officials now know that your child was in that vehicle. This information is a substantial lead in their investigation – allowing them to begin an investigation on the vehicle and its history. Law enforcement officials would use their various investigative techniques, including entering all fingerprints and DNA found in the vehicle into both FBI National Databases, to direct their investigation to the quick and safe recovery of your missing

Law enforcement must be supplied a recent full color high quality photograph of a missing child. The DNA LifePrint Child Safety Event provides parents with a full color high quality photograph of their child. The photograph is safely stored onto the same disk as the Biometric Fingerprints. Therefore, the photograph can be emailed to law enforcement and the news media for immediate use.

Similarly, in the event of a missing child, investigators will conduct several interviews with the child’s parents and/or guardians and other individuals with whom the child may have a close
relationship or bond. Our Child Safety Journal aids parents in noting the important facts investigators may look toward in their investigation. The questions found in our Child Safety Journal were developed directly by police officers and child safety experts. In a time of crisis, trying to determine the answers to some of the questions that may be posed by investigators may prove to be a difficult task. It is important for parents to sit with their children and answer the questions found in our Child Safety Journal –predefining these important facts significantly aids investigators in the quick and safe recovery of a missing child.

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