Signs of Senility

Woke up this morning and this is what went through my mind as I dashed downstairs in my socks and pj’s and out to the very back of our property where my son was sleeping:

“Oh crap! It’s 7:45! He’s going to be late. He’s going to miss it. Shoot. He’s down in the shack. I could call him, but he’s probably got his phone on vibrate and won’t answer. There’s no time to waste. I’ve got to run all the way down there. There’s no way he can make it. Well, maybe. I think my clock is a few minutes fast. Crap, it’s muddy out. I hope I don’t fall from all of these damn trenches the stupid moles have dug. Oh, please don’t let me slide on my butt down this hill. Almost there. Ouch! That boy better wake up when I beat on the door. The door is locked. Crap! (I start banging on his door).

Me: “Wake up!”

TR: “ What?!!? I don’t have to be at work until 10:00.”

Me: “No – it’s 7:45 and you are going to miss taking the ACT!”

TR: “I took that yesterday.”

Me: “Oh. You did. Never mind.”

He was right. Just yesterday, I woke him up and got him out the door and then heard all the details when he got home from taking the ACT. I know what you’re thinking: maybe I was acting out a dream I’d been in the middle of. Nope, I clearly remembered what I was dreaming just prior to waking up and it was completely irrelevant. I’m just losing my mind.

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