Bailey indicated that the diverted revenue would still go to the high school debt service:

Tom Bailey and John Smith are quoted as saying that they knew that the sales tax was still dedicated to the ORHS construction until that construction is paid off. I will have to scan the complete article in, but until then, here’s the snippet from that article:

Schools won’t lose money?

June 5, 2006 •• 350 words •• ID: 112361E53ADF2D1C
Oak Ridge schools won’t really lose money – at least not from the general operating budget – because of the county’s newly-increased sales tax. “I really don’t see that money coming into the school’s general operating fund,” Superintendent Tom Bailey said last week. “Most of the money that would have been designated for schools has been deferred,” Bailey said, to help pay …


And let’s not forget, the schools received a windfall via the county when Anderson County superseded the city for the sales tax revenue. In other words, they would have never had access to those funds if the voters hadn’t voted in favor of the original referendum.  More to come….

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