Summary of Last Night’s Work Session

If you weren’t able to make last night’s 2 hour meeting, here’s what you missed:

City :  Schools, you need to pay your part of the high school mortgage

Schools:  Um, yeah we know. About that. Let’s have another meeting sometime and work that out. Make that a couple more meetings.

City:  O.K. Cause like we barely have enough to cover our part of the $66.5 million

Council:  $66.5 million? We don’t remember approving more than $58 million.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

Schools:   We need more money. Another school is falling apart. See look at how bad it is.

City:   How much?

Schools:   Only half a million. Actually, make that a million.

City:  O.K.  We’ll talk about that at another meeting. You know, there’s a lot more stuff out there besides schools that need money.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

City:   Sales revenues aren’t looking so good. Did you hear that Ryan’s and Sears closed?

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

City:   Like we’ve been saying for over a year, we should probably look into consolidating some things to save money.

Schools:    Yeah. Sure. No. Whatever.

City:  Seriously.  Like we have 3 I.T. folks and you’ve got what, 20?

Schools:   Um, anyway. People need to quit saying that we spend more than the rest of the state.

City:  But you do.

Schools: Yeah, well that’s complicated. People need to share data.

City:   Yeah, they do.

School:  ‘Cause we are never going to stop milking this town until it’s completely dry.

City: Yeah, we know.

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