You Have a Right To Know

If you haven’t heard about this story, the Willow Brook principal was removed from her position last week without explanation. Dr. Bailey has clearly stated that she will not be fired but moved into a teaching position. In his letter (provided here), he has barred her from stepping foot on WillowBrook property (though apparently she is allowed to go on other school property) and he informs her that “under no circumstances” would she be offered another principal position in Oak Ridge Schools.

The rumors about her behavior and the secrecy surrounding this situation are disturbing. If the rumors are true, she shouldn’t be placed anywhere near another child. If they are false, then the administration should immediately quell them with the truth.

Sadly it appears that the BOE and superintendent think that they can just do as they please without having to answer to anyone, least of all Oak Ridge citizens. They’ve given no indication than an investigation is still underway and Dr. Bailey’s statements (that he is doing what he is legally allowed to do), indicate that they have no intention of answering to the public.

The only way the public will get the truth is if they demand it. Please consider sharing this information and, more importantly, contact the BOE and demand answers. I will post any response that I receive here and on my website. Feel free to share as well.

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