November Candidacy Announcement

Trina Baughn has announced her plans to run for Oak Ridge City Council. She is enthusiastic about serving all Oak Ridgers’ as we face a future filled with many challenges and opportunities.

Baughn is a communications professional whose business experience spans over 15 years in both the private and public sectors and is comprised of roles in project management, business to business sales, employee and volunteer recruitment, event coordination, marketing and process analysis.

She is best known for her frequent guest columns and public appearances in which she advocates for fiscal transparency, accountability and efficiency.  Most recently, she challenged recommendations that would have used taxpayer money to fund the city manager’s Ph.D. and a $38,000 SUV for the superintendent of schools. Neither request was approved.

Baughn considers herself the “non-establishment candidate” and says that if elected, “I will be the voice that has been lacking on council. Oak Ridge is not what it used to be.  I want Oak Ridge to thrive again. We must work to increase revenue while controlling spending. I will work to make Oak Ridge competitive by being honest about our deficiencies and working diligently to correct them.  Citizens and small businesses are the lifeblood of our community. I will insist that your city government respect you as such in their treatment of you and your contributions.”

Baughn currently serves on the City of Oak Ridge Personnel Advisory Board, the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors and the Bike and Pedestrian Working Committee. Her record of service also includes serving as an unofficial crossing guard, working for the American Red Cross, coordinating the 2007 ORHS Cross Country Team’s annual banquet and serving as a foster parent and child advocate.

She graduated from the University of Maryland University College in Germany, where she lived with her husband while he served in the U.S. Army. She holds both a Bachelor of Science in Communications and an Associate of Arts Degree in Management Studies. She and Bret have been married for 19 years and have two children, Savannah and Collin.

When asked why she is running, Baughn responds, “I love Oak Ridge! I love the people, their passion and all of the wonderful attributes of this beautiful city. We have so much to offer and I want to ensure that my family and yours can still call Oak Ridge home 20-30 years from now.”

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