The following represents an unofficial account of the significant items voted upon Monday night. The complete agenda packet and full video of the meeting can be viewed here. Draft meeting minutes will be posted at the city website as part of the April Regular Meeting Agenda packet.

VII. CONSENT AGENDA (9 items total, all passed with 8 approved by unanimous vote)

d. Authorize applying to the TVA Valley Sustainable Communities Program to receive certification as a sustainable community and to accept such certification if selected.  Passed 6-1 with Baughn voting “Nay”

My vote: The amount of staff time required was unclear and the possible implications on our existing ordinances were of primary concern. Though some touted that this certification would attract business, I worry that it will have the opposite effect in that it may increase our already burdensome-level of codes. Second, staff obviously didn’t need council’s approval to apply since, as was admitted during our meeting, they already applied for the certification prior to asking our approval.

g. Adoption of a resolution to accept a $16,000.00 Emergency Management Grant from the State of Tennessee, Department of Military, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). No specified purpose for this grant has been established; there are no matching funds required, though some staff time will be involved

h. Adoption of a resolution granting renewal permits to persons engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic beverages for one year and waiving the residency requirements for nonresident applicants. (For six liquor stores)  Prior to the vote, the Oak Ridge Package Store was removed pending litigation issues. I questioned the waiver for residency and was told that we do not increase their permit fee but that we needed to re-look at our policy on the matter. I will encourage our attorney to move forward with his suggestion.

VIII. RESOLUTIONS (3 items total, all passed with 2 approved by unanimous vote)

a.  Awarding contract to First Place Finish, Inc. for pedestrian crossing safety improvements along Melton Lake Drive in the estimated amount of $37,594. The funding source for this contract is the Red Light Camera special fund. Including this project, $330,556 of RLC funds will have been spent on transportation enhancement projects for traffic capacity/safety, school crossing, and bicycle/pedestrian safety leaving an estimated fund balance of $887,406.

b. A resolution confirming the City’s plan to proceed with the same course of action and scope of work regarding the EPA Administrative Order. Passed 5-2 with Baughn & Mosby voting “Nay”

Note: I made the following motion. It failed to receive a second and died on the floor.

As it is written, this resolution serves no purpose other than to imply that we are opting NOT to begin negotiations with the EPA. Because it serves no purpose and does not preclude progress of the mandate-related work, I make a motion to defer voting on this resolution until the next regular city council meeting to allow time to explore the merits of both Dr. McBride and Mr. Abbateillo’s suggestions as well as the merits of seeking judicial review per Sackett v. EPA.

c. A resolution awarding a contract to Adventures Outdoors, Oliver Springs, Tennessee, for a pilot recreational equipment rental program at Melton Lake Park, and authorizing the City to enter into a lease agreement with the company at the conclusion of the pilot program should expectations be met by both parties. This was the only company that responded to the RFP. No cost benefit analysis was done because the Park & Recs director said we have no way of knowing what kind of response to expect, thus the one year term for the pilot program.

X. FINAL ADOPTION OF ORDINANCES (2 items total, both passed by unanimous vote)

Second and final reading of amendments for land use and zoning for parcels to be occupied by Aldi’s and office space.

 Both resolutions for the second project on the West End were removed from the agenda because the Road Access Agreement had yet to be completed.


  1. Trina, is there a specific link you could send to me to access the filmed meetings of the council. I am unable to click on your “here” word and access anything. I did at one point a while back so I know the meetings are there to watch but don’t know how to get there. Thanks….

  2. i am soory they didn’t listen to you about negotiating with EPA. Dr McBride has some very good advice. Thank you so much for your efforts in the City council

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