Open Letter to Dr. Bruce Borchers, Oak Ridge Superintendent: Protect Our Students and Teachers

I will post the referenced materials (the memo from the chief of police, the FERPA communications and documentation on the ousted principal) shortly.

If you are one of the parents, school staff or students, past or present, that has experienced the problems I’ve referenced, please contact  Russel Langley at 


Dr. Borchers,

Shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy, Oak Ridge city and school officials began discussing the need to shore up security within our schools. Your Board of Education (BOE) immediately demanded the city provide an officer in every school while simultaneously declining our police chief’s offer to conduct the risk assessment needed to identify facility and policy vulnerabilities. Our police department has also repeatedly offered to provide safety/emergency training to your staff. All of those offers have been declined by members of your administration.

Seven months later, we have made very little progress. At the center of it all is a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that was initially drafted months ago to address the lack of cooperation by school administrators and their frequent interference with requisite police work. I am told that school attorneys refuse to agree with the parameters that, at their very core, enable our officers to uphold the law and maintain the safety and security of the public.

The incidents that have led to the need for this MOU are disturbing and give me reason to fear that the original emphasis of protecting our children from external threats is less of a need than that of protecting them from internal threats.

Upon my request for additional details, our police chief, Jim Akagi, provided council with a memo (SRO Letter)dated May 9, 2013 in which he states that “ORS staff has been reluctant at best, and in some instances obstructive in their interaction with ORPD personnel.” The memo goes on to cite the following examples:

  • A disagreement brought two sets of parents to the school who assaulted each other and then assaulted the current lone High School SRO. No assistance was provided by school officials.
  • Disciplinary matters were attempted to be handled “in house” by school officials and when it came to the attention of the Police Department and information was requested for criminal concern review, info was denied.
  • Timely reporting of matters of drugs, guns or other dangers in school, most times occurring the day after or through informal notifications by students.
  • Reluctance to share information by school officials for fear of violating Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) rule now requires approval from higher level school officials or attorneys.
  • Recognition of Police department responsibilities to investigate actions outside of, but involving school system (i.e. past employee suicide by employee outside of school grounds).
  • Responsibility of schools to report all abuse matters to Child Protective Services should be coordinated with the police department to insure safety of students off campus
  • Trespassing in school at inappropriate hours was not reported or pursued by school officials when known
  • School staff witnessing of events must be approved before talking to SRO when reviewing cases
  • SRO was not included in disciplinary hearing authority reviews of assault on SRO nor advised of student readmission to school.
  • Delays for obtaining information requiring formal “subpoena style” processes to be used

The police chief and our city manager have shared with me some of the stories behind these examples as have countless parents, school staff and students. The picture they paint is one of an inner city school system run amuck. I am convinced that all of our children are at risk of potential assaults, administrative negligence and/or drugs.

I’ve heard so many stories of assaults occurring at the middle schools and high school that I am heartbroken. There is an obvious need for discretion, but let me assure you that my use of the word “assault” is not an exaggeration. And as alluded to above, these attacks were not always initiated by students nor have they been limited to any particular economic or social group. Parents have appealed to the authorities and are often left helpless because of the lack of cooperation by school officials.

A great number of parents have approached me with concerns regarding administrative negligence because they find no one within the administration willing to take responsibility. One of the most severe cases involves a current employee. Last year, without explanation, a principal was removed from her position three weeks before school was out and placed as a teacher at one of our middle schools. Though her rumored actions were tantamount to child abuse, when pressed by parents, the BOE refused to provide the public with an explanation or any indication that the matter would be investigated.

I have received highly credible reports that drugs are rampant in many of our schools. The problem is worsening as your administrators thwart police efforts to combat drug use and sales. Not only that, but citizens have reached out to the BOE and offered to bring in programs and groups to help educate our children in the absence of DARE or any other anti-drug program. Rather than embrace these ideas and work towards implementing workable solutions, the BOE simply ignores these offers of help.

When reading all of this, one might question how things could be so bad. How could anyone tolerate this level of danger facing our children? One need only talk with some of the hundreds of departed teachers and parents to find that the answer is fear. A culture of terror has saturated our school system and it is so powerful that rather than fight, teachers leave quietly in droves at year end and parents discretely move their children into private or home schools.

Though you are new to the job, I urge to you to make safety your absolute top priority. I’ve tried to allow time for the ORS administration to work through some of these issues, but with two of our schools beginning the new school year this month, I can no longer remain silent. From one community leader to another, I implore you to restore safety, order and honor in our schools. Please start by allowing our police officers to do their job.

Trina Baughn


  1. keep up the good work. It takes courage to confront the establishment and they are striking back with great anger.

  2. Yes, the schools probably do need help in combating drugs and violence, as does the police department to help out. First and foremost is that both organizations need help financially to meet these demands. That, of course, would me higher taxes; I dare say almost all of the citizens who agree with this letter would oppose higher taxes. I and my children all received quality educations from O.R. schools. Even I myself cannot squeeze any more money out of my income, I still would only approve a tax hike if it were for the schools and police department.

    1. Let’s be clear…most allegations are just that. Interestingly, you decided to go public first instead of meeting with the new supt. and principal first…, you got the recognition you so desperately require. I find it interesting that the school system attorney is now involved. Since I feel certain that some of your concerns are valid and some will prove false (as things normally work out) it’s unfortunate that you’ve taken this action.
      I will be happy to lead the fight to have you recalled. Really, YOU, and not your charges, are the embarrassment to the city of Oak Ridge and its school system.

      1. Please tell me Judy, on what grounds would you have Trina recalled? Is it because you don’t like what she’s shedding light on? Tough shit. some of us don’t like the fact that it’s been kept in the dark for too long. and if you think Trina is the “embarrassment to the school system” then you really need your eyes opened! There are a number of embarrassments some are better at hiding than others. You know what I find embarrassing? The number of teachers who are merely counting down till they can retire. The passion in teaching went out long ago. We as a society are too worried about being politically correct and our children will suffer for it. 1982, there wasnt a need for an officer in the school. We didn’t need numerous vice principals. There was no such thing as Alternative school. We played by the rules or got the Hell out… Check out the pavilion behind the Civic Center. The alternative school dismisses earlier than the high school and they gather and wait till their buddies get out. Would you like to take a guess what they are getting into while they are waiting? It would make you proud!
        Go ahead and “Lead that fight”, but you better have an arsenal of weapons because your band wagon won’t be overflowing with citizens.

  3. Sorry that last comment was signed anonymous. I’ll gladly and proudly put my name to it!

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