Not in Our Schools Update

What an amazing day! Radio interview with Hallerin Hilton Hill went well this morning. Spurred and to contact me for interviews. Those should air sometime tonight. The Beehan/ Fillauer/Reddick press conference was highly enlightening and spurred further interviews by the press. Can’t wait to see how things go at our council meeting tonight! Thank you all for the flood of support! I hate that I don’t have time to respond to each of you but hopefully will soon. I’m confident that we are well on our way to positive changes! Please see my latest update for how YOU can be a part of the solution in protecting our kids!

Each month, 282,000 students report being attacked in high schools throughout the nation.

A group of  concerned Oak Ridgers has partnered with the national organization, Not In Our Town, to address the serious problems facing our children within our school system. Their mission is to “bring about effective and positive change, to create a safe, inclusive community for everyone!” To that end, they are determined to create safe and effective means of engaging YOU. Yes, YOU!  Please consider taking one or more of the following steps:

1. If you have information regarding criminal activities occurring within the Oak Ridge School System that have not been reported to the police department, please contact them immediately at 865.425.4399.

2. Please like the Not In Our Town Oak Ridge, TN Facebook Page to keep informed and share information in a safe, open forum.

3. Because their top priority is to prevent any further harm, they have set up the website for those who need anonymity but want to share their stories publicly.

4. While I will likely post periodic updates to this website, it will not serve as the NIOT primary means of communication and you are therefore urged to connect via the above means.

5. For those of  you who would like to share your stories anonymously or otherwise with the investigator who broke this story, Russell Langley would love to hear from you. He has committed to seeing these issues through until the very end! Email him at  THANK YOU RUSSELL! You are the man!

Further information is coming soon! Stay tuned for the NIOT first community event – an independently moderated Town Hall Meeting!

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