October Oak Ridge City Council Update

Hello and Happy Fall! Here is your update for October. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have anytime!

  • The results of the 9/17/2013 special called meeting on the school’s demand for $250K by Oct 1st are found here and my complete analysis with the ramifications of council’s vote are provided here.
  • Many of you have inquired about the BOE claims that they are no longer obligated to pay their portion of the high school mortgage. In addition to my analysis above, the following links directly contradict the BOE claim that they are entitled to withhold the revenues collected from outside of the city:

In this video, at approximately 37 minutes in, then vice chair Tracy Larabee says in reference to the anticipated county move to supersede, “Half of this debt won’t even be paid by residents of Oak Ridge….a lot of the funding will come from people outside of the City of Oak Ridge.” In this same video at approximately 44 minutes in, then chair John Smith says that the BOE “fully supports the proposed funding model.” That funding model included monies collected from outside of Oak Ridge after the county superseded and is demonstrated on page 8 of this file where those monies were represented by the blue portion of the bar graph entitled “New Sales Tax Schools” and began in 2010 when the superseding was expected to occur. Other supporting documentation from the city on this matter is provided here.

  • Council’s annual appointment of city boards and commissions will occur in December. If you would like to be considered, click here for details. The deadline for applying is Nov 15th.
  • I’ve added a page at the top of my website that summarizes and compares our debt.  You can read it here.
  •  I’ve pasted the most significant items from Monday night’s agenda below. The complete packet and supporting documentation can be found here. Last month’s meeting summary, including votes, can be found here.



October 14, 2013 Oak ridge City council Regular meeting – significant items, please consult THE AGENDA PACKET for comprehensive details


A. Contract to Morgan Contracting, Baker FL for rehabilitation work on wastewater collection and transportation system in compliance with EPA administrative order. Estimated amount of $4.2M

B. Contract with Steve Jones for economic development services for FY2014 in the amount of $28K.

X. FINAL ADOPTION OF ORDINANCES (see voting results from the first reading here.)

  1. Personnel Plan Amendment: Update sections to clarify the definition of compensation, philosophy and policy, specify service requirements for promotion eligibility, add a new section on bonuses and provide a totally revised Grievance Procedure
  2. Water Rate Increases to take effect January 2014 & January 2015 *
  3. Wastewater increases to take effect January 2014 & January 2015*

*Read my analysis and position statements on these increases here.

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