Take a Virtual Drive Through the Scottish Countryside

I’ve found an excellent panacea for my travel withdrawals in Googlemaps/Streetview! Many of us have used it to check out our old stomping grounds, but I’m just discovering the various other countries they’ve uplinked.

I was delighted when I found that I could tool through neighborhoods and along the seashore of one of my favorite places on earth – Scotland.  I’ve driven right up to castles, zoomed in on sheep and zoomed out to identify mysterious islands.

Streetview is not yet ubiquitous, so you’ll have to play with it a little to find where all you can explore. Before you dive in, I’ll just warn you….this stuff is addictive! Here’s the sample route I took:

Navigating Streetview

  1. Go to Googlemaps.com
  2. Type in “Lendalfoot, United Kingdom”
  3. Click “more” and then “streetview” (to the left of your screen)
  4. Using the compass in the upper left corner, turn around until you see the village. Go full screen for the best view.
  5. Now drive towards the village along A77 by clicking ahead in the road. Be sure to periodically look around you, side to side and behind you. You can drive as far as it will take you, but I managed to pull myself out around Maybole.

How cool and simple is that?!?! Try not to lose track of time and please come back and share routes you find in other countries !

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