Oak Ridge in the National Spotlight!

I am so excited to share with you this update on bullying & violence prevention efforts made by my friend Valerie Hughes! Valerie has worked tirelessly for the last few years to establish a Not In Our Town (NIOT) chapter here in Oak Ridge. I am happy to report that her efforts are paying off tremendously! In addition to holding two very successful events last year, the Oak Ridge chapter is now featured in the Not In Our Town Parent Guide which is being distributed nationally! Take a peek to see who you might recognize! NIOT Parent guide booklet screen

Not only that, but NIOT has selected Oak Ridge to be the model city for full implementation! This is a tremendous opportunity to show the nation how a community can come together and forge positive changes in our youth!

You can learn more about the Oak Ridge NIOT efforts at their Facebook page by clicking here.

Way to go Valerie and Crew!!!!

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  1. Everyone should see this video and be the good citizen who helps stop bullying. All students and teachers should see this together as part of education! What a great service to make this video! Thank you for sharing.

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