Details for Tomorrow’s Homecoming for SGT Neal Martin

Anytime one of our troops returns home from conflict, it is truly a reason to celebrate! Not only because of the sacrifice these brave men, women and their families have made, but because so many of their fallen brothers and sisters were not as fortunate.

Thanks to the efforts of an amazing woman, Valarie Emery, Oak Ridgers will be welcoming home our own hometown hero, Army SGT Neal Martin!

SGT Martin and his family are expected to arrive in Oak Ridge around 8:00a.m. EVERYONE who can come is encouraged to line up at New York and the Turnpike (using the abandoned bank parking lot) New York and Vermont, Vermont and Venus, and along Venus (using the Harvest Buffet back parking lot). Bring your flags, your yellow ribbons, your posters or just yourself! Many of the local media will be in town to film this event, sooooo…..

Let’s show the world how much Oak Ridge loves and supports our military!

Operation Enduring Freedom began over 13 years ago in 2001. There are still 68,000 U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan. Of the 3,417 coalition deaths there, 2,309 of them have been Americans.  –

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  1. Thank You so much! I am so very blessed and honored to know the Martin Family. Every Soldier Deserves a Hero’s Welcome!

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