September City Council Update

Hello! Council’s next regular  meeting is scheduled for September 8th .  Significant items are listed below and include the authorization of nearly $7 million in expenditures of tax payer funds. See the complete agenda packet here for complete details.

August was a great month for the people of Oak Ridge to be heard at the polls and in local city/school government! Results of the August 11th meeting are found here. Additionally, council held the first of two meetings dedicated to listening to the public on the future of Clark Center Park. The city also hosted the second of four public meetings on the future of AMSE.  Public response for both issues has been tremendous and such involvement means better solutions and better government.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming municipal elections! The majority of both City Council and Board of Education seats are up for grabs and we have a record number of candidates on the ballot this year. Local government directly impacts your household and I encourage you to check out all candidates who are running for these positions. You can do so by attending the following:

  • September 17th – League of Women Voters hosts a forum for BOE candidates
  • September 25th – League of Women Voters hosts a forum for City Council candidates
  • October 15-30th  – Early Voting
  • November  4th – ELECTION DAY

Finally, you can read my correction statement regarding the taxpayer’s funding of the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce here.

Though I am not always able to respond to every communication, I welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to share these updates with anyone who may be interested in staying abreast of city issues.


Trina Baughn

September 8, 2014 Oak ridge City council meeting – significant items, please consult the agenda packet for comprehensive details


  • Awards to over six staffing firms for contingency needs up to $175,000
  • Grant application approval for a grant to help rebuild the Friendship Bell House requiring a 50/50 match
  • Contract award to Morgan Contracting, Baker, FL for the construction of (3) EQ Basins in the estimated amount of $6,472,000

FINAL ADOPTION OF ORDINANCES (first reading results found here)

  • Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan’s Land Use plan to convert a parcel adjacent to Woodland Town Center from residential to general business.
  • Amendment to rezone parcels and approve PUD master plan for parcels adjacent to Woodland Town Center
  • Amendment to zoning ordinance impacting indoor and outdoor shooting ranges


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