Key Things To Know About Election Day

It’s finally here!!!! The day YOU decide on YOUR city, state and nation’s future! Election Day is tomorrow and here are some key things you should know:

  • Polls are open from 9:00a.m.-8:00p.m. (Roane County Polls say they open at 8:00a.m.)
  • You must vote at your assigned precinct (If you don’t know where your precinct polling station is, check here if you live in Anderson County, Here if you live in Roane County)
  • You must present identification to vote. See here for a list of acceptable forms of I.D.
  • You have rights as a voter that include being allowed to vote if you are in line when the polls close. Read here for a complete list of your rights BEFORE you head to the polls.
  • Even though the ballot states to “pick 3 or 4” for council and BOE candidates, you are NOT required to use all of your choices. In fact, it is potentially detrimental to your top pick if you use all of your selections (google “Single Shot Strategy” to learn why)
  • Most of our local elections have historically been decided by less than 20% of our population. In fact, one of the biggest financial decisions ever made in our city’s history – the high school renovation project – was determined by only 11% (3,198) of our residents. Read here to learn how that has changed and how Oak Ridgers have more of a say in their future now more than ever before!

Still think your vote doesn’t matter? Think again. Money DOES NOT guarantee a win. Just this year, one of the most expensive local campaigns in our history cost one candidate over $400,000. He still LOST! In a different local election, a long-time incumbent was unseated by a guy who spent less than $200 and DID NOT campaign at all! YOUR VOTE MATTERS MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

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