February City Council Update

Council’s next regular  meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, February 9th.  Significant items include:

  • Resolution of Intent to fund the remediation of lead-based paint issue at the Oak Ridge Preschool building for an amount not to exceed $150K and to be funded through former red light camera funds
  • Resolution of Intent to develop solutions, options and timetables for ultimate replacement of the Preschool/SAB
  • Bid award of $81,927  to B&B Services for mowing city right-of-ways
  • Bid award  of $64,678 to First Place Finish for installing LED lighting in the library.
  • Formation of a Special Events Advisory Task Force
  • Resolution requesting an investigation per Article II, Section 9 (requested by Baughn and discussed here and here).
  • Resolution requesting censure of councilmember Baughn and removal of her from committee assignments (requested by Hensley and addressed by Baughn here)

See the agenda packet here for complete details. Note that the order of the agenda can and may be amended at the beginning of the meeting. Results of the January meetings are found here.

Though I am not always able to respond to every communication, I welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to share these update emails with anyone who may be interested in staying abreast of city issues.


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  1. Censure of council member Baughn is the wrong course of action. An act of censure is usually an act of discipline for members of a body that either won’t follow protocol, or disrupt normal proceedings, or act immorally so as to taint the whole body; not for mere political disputes. There is also the risk in censuring someone for trivial matters that opens the door for a retaliatory response, and that risk may spread. A body could become embroiled in a culture of snipping, with more threats of censure, all at the detriment of more pressing business. Let it die.

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