Additional February Meetings/ORPD Issue Follow Up

Due to the increased activities in your local government, I am sending out a second update for this month. The following schedule is subject to change, but as it stands, here are the upcoming meetings:

Feb 17th: City Council Work Session 6:00p.m. Central Services Complex (behind Kmart) – Read the agenda here.

Feb 20th – *Proposed* date for the Special Meeting to discuss items outlined in the Feb 17th meeting agenda

Feb 23rd – Board of Education monthly meeting     6:00p.m. School Administration Building

Feb 24th – City Council Budget and Finance Committee meeting   9:00a.m. Municipal Building Training Room

As discussed here, the February 9th meeting resulted in council voting to take steps towards an investigation of the issues recently raised regarding morale, turnover and administrative polices in the Oak Ridge Police Department. The next step in that process is to discuss scheduling the special meeting during the Tuesday’s (Feb 17th) work session. I encourage those who are interested to attend and to continue to provide council with input.

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  1. I have for a long time promoted the use of Mall properties to satisfy the clamoring needs of public services for facilities. I could envision a seniors center (and they could walk inside once again), school services (they’ll keep expanding forever without additional students), Jail annex with trustees doing the cleaning and maintenance, A cafeteria or food court again, training center for our increasing police force, etc. Good luck with all of it.

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