September 2015 City Council Update

Council’s next regular  meeting is scheduled for tonight, September 14th at 7:00p.m. at the Municipal Building. Significant items include:

– A vote on the Special Events Advisory Task Force recommended changes to the Secret City Festival

– Contract extension for employee medical insurance with the state for $4.5M

– Award of roughly $350K to multiple entities for various needs

– Grant acceptance from DOE for the Oral History Project ($500,000 over five years, an extension from the past approval which totaled over $600,000)

– Final adoption of ordinance increasing the monthly residential refuse fee from $7 to $10.50

See the agenda packet here for complete details. All citizens are afforded a minimum of 3 minutes to speak to council at the beginning of the meeting to any subject not on the agenda. All citizens are also afforded a minimum of 3 minutes to speak to each and every item on the agenda.

Results from the August  10th meeting are found here.

Though I am not always able to respond to every communication, I welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to share these updates with anyone who may be interested in staying abreast of city issues.

Footnote: For those that have inquired about the news of the mall still having not sold, the fact that Crosland has backed out and now another firm is eyeing the property, I refer to my original comments on your generous gift of a $13M TIF here.

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