February 2016 Oak Ridge City Council Update

Council’s next regular  meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 8th at 7:00p.m. at the Municipal Building. Significant items include:

  • The City Attorney’s annual evaluation
  • Resolution of intent to reimburse the itself up to $500,000 from the proceeds of issued bonds (debt) related to site selection and architectural/engineering fees for the construction of a new preschool (which has been initially quoted as costing $7.5M)
  • Ordinance replacing “Erosion Control and Stormwater Management” with a new chapter to comply with TDEC MS4 Program
  • A report from the city manager on Waste Connections’ withdrawal of their request to waive the bid process and extend their contract until 2026. See my recent column on the issue here.

See the agenda packet here for complete details. All citizens are afforded a minimum of 3 minutes to speak to council at the beginning of the meeting to any subject not on the agenda. All citizens are also afforded a minimum of 3 minutes to speak to each and every item on the agenda.

Results from the January meeting are found here.

Though I am not always able to respond to every communication, I welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to share these updates with anyone who may be interested in staying abreast of city issues.


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  1. Using my barn as a control set (approx $20 / sq foot) we should get a building with around 19000 sq feet (a footprint approx 100 ft by 190 ft, which is approximately the footprint of 24 A-Houses, 4 houses wide by 6 houses long. That’s a large footprint, FAR larger than the current PS building.

    Obviously there a big difference between a small wooden barn and full-out community shared solid-walled building with modern facilities – which is why I actually doubled my cost of the barn for my control (I actually got ‘er built for about $10 / sq foot, w/o utilities and wall finish work).

    For $7.5M, I’d say we should get the best damn school imaginable, a very big one capable of helping far more children than currently, and with zero change-orders. I’d love to see a breakdown on that figure.

    What was the growth from the initial quote on the HS renovation compared to the final cost? That would be a good yardstick to use to guess the final cost of the PS.

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