As we’ve seen in the news again today, active shooter incidents are not going away. Instead of arguing over laws and religion and instead of waiting on the government to protect us, what if we all decided to take a literal stand by refusing to be passive victims? If you read no further down this post, please consider reading and sharing this link: What To Do In An Active Shooter Situation

Most people freeze up in such situations and rarely do shooters show them mercy.I have participated in active shooter interactive simulations which involved applying the concepts discussed in the link above. These are methods of survival that do not require the use of a firearm.  Such practice, even if done only once, is invaluable.  

I strongly believe that we have the ability to curb this horrific trend. I’ve gone so far as to take my own daughter to training so that she’d have the mental muscle memory to respond rather than freeze in fear.  Before you dismiss the idea for your own children, know that it was given by a local martial arts company and was a much less traumatic training scenario than others I’ve participated in.

 Talking, negotiating, dreaming, hoping or believing in government is not going to stop this insanity; but if everyone learned and practiced these concepts, I believe more lives would be spared.

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