Alex Heitman’s Death 10 Years Later

It has now been 10 years since Alex Heitman was killed. To date, those responsible for his death have eluded accountability. 

I remain convinced that Alex died because he was assisting in a federal investigation. The family laid out an extensive case of facts along with supporting documentation here but have not released all of the information they have (due, in part, to the cruel retaliation they faced every time they went public with new information.) This unreleased information further supports the theory that Alex was likely killed to thwart a federal investigation.

Sadly, the person/people who killed Alex are unlikely to ever be held accountable in a court of law. However, the most likely suspect no longer enjoys a life of prestige and luxury once afforded him/her; rather his/her quality of life has drastically deteriorated. So at least there’s that. And should the rest of those who were the target of the investigation never face justice, I can only hope that they eventually suffer a similar fate.

My heart goes out to his family and all who knew and loved him.


  1. God bless you Trina! I have not and WILL NOT evert forget the Heitman family plus your pursuit to help the Heitman family find justice for Alex. His death was soo unnecessary…..he simply did the job he was hired to do…..he did the job too well!

  2. Thanks for your persistence. One of these days we may find the skeletons in the closet!

    Andy Marathe
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  3. Thank you for emailing me Trina! I had gotten it already on my feed. Doesn’t seem possible to be 10 years. Annette seems to be doing well all things considered. I can only imagine the suffering they’ve been through……I do recall how raw I felt ten years ago.



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