Just One More Reason to Love Google

I don’t believe I’ve ever loved another company or their products quite as much as I do Google. Their story is incredible. Their products revolutionary. And with a corporate philosophy like “Don’t be evil,” how could anyone not admire them?

I first found Google shortly after its birth when a college professor suggested using it to find more obscure research on a dying Germanic language. I immediately fell in love and dumped my previous search sites (yahoo, excite, infoseek, altavista, etc.). I’ve never found a need to look back.

A most recent example of their ingenuity – I was doing some searching and you know how a lot of times you find weird URLs that appear to have no correlation to what you are looking for? Some of us have picked up on the fact that they are not only bogus, but also possibly dangerous. But the more trusting, unsuspecting joe’s out there are still susceptible to such trickery. Well, today I came across one and just under the hyperlink was this statement: “This site may harm your computer.”

I am not, and never want to be, a techno geek. I just want my technology to work more for me than against me. Google does this and more. In addition to their search engine, I now use a number of their other products. And what makes them even more delovely is that they are all FREE!!!!!!

You can read more about the Google story here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/03/25/sunday/main608672.shtml

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