Exciting Developments for February!

There have been some great developments in our town as of late. Tomorrow, 5 new crossing guards will begin working which will bring the total to 7. The new additions will be positioned at the following locations:

(2) Illinois and ORTP
(1) Robertsville and Illinois Ave
(1) Jefferson Ave and Robertsville Rd
(1) Fairbanks- for Jefferson

You’ll most likely see them sometime between the hours of 7:00a.m.-8:30a.m. M-F, and in the afternoons 2:30-3:30p.m. except Wednesdays which would likely be between 12:30-2:00. They’ve taken on a dangerous, but very important job. Let them know how much they are appreciated!

The task force committee formed by the schools to address the transportation issue has also resulted in the school Transportation Director, Clifford Bunch proposing a very promising solution that could provide all of our children with bus access.

From what I understand of Mr. Bunch’s plan, it has the potential of requiring minimal, if any, additional funds. Here’s the gist of it:

  • Combine MS and HS routes in the afternoon
  • Establish .15 mi pick up points for elementary kids with the exception of Kindergarteners
  • Establish .25 mi pick up for MS/HS kids
  • Define new positions for some drivers that also makes them part of the custodial staff

Current buses in use were stated to be 15 MS buses and 5 HS buses. The new system would require a total of 18 (just for MS & HS). (The total number of buses remains in question, but according to Bailey there are a total of 23 in use and 33 which are operable)

The combining of afternoon routes should eliminate the need for additional drivers which would alleviate the pressure on the part-time HS drivers who work other jobs and don’t desire to go full time.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for February 21st – all are open to the public.

I believe that Oak Ridge can, and will, become one of the safest cities in our state for children during their commute to and from school. For parents, what greater piece of mind can one expect from a community?

Thanks to all of our city, school, and state officials and employees and all of the citizens who’ve worked tirelessly for so long!

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