Contact Your State Representatives Today!

Rep Hackworth and Sen. McNally (with the help of Bill Nolan and the state attorney) have worked hard to effect change for our children via the proposed legislation outlined below. If passed, these bills will have significant potential for improving the safety of not only our children, but pedestrians throughout the state of Tennessee. In brief, they will enhance local authority’s ability to penalize motorists who drive irresponsibly in school zones and will also provide for additional state funding for communities in which bus transportation is not available to all students.

To learn more, please visit the TN General Assembly website at and click on “Legislation.” Enter the corresponding bill numbers in the search query field. Most importantly, please contact your state representatives as well as Governor Bredeson in support of these measures!

NOTE: I had the pleasure of meeting Rep. Hackworth last night and he provided some great insight into the potential hurdles he faces with these proposals. He’s reassured me that he is working diligently to pursue a variety of angles to see these through. Thank you Rep. Hackworth!!!!

HB2656 by Hackworth (SB3203 by McNally) Increases penalty for speeding in school zones to include a $250 minimum fine.

HB2653 by Hackworth (SB3077 by McNally) Prohibits motor vehicles from crossing a roadway with a crosswalk when a pedestrian is in such crosswalk; prohibits motor vehicles from crossing a roadway in school safety zones when a pedestrian is in the roadway.

HB2649 by Hackworth (SB3079 by McNally) Requires the state provide transportation for students who must cross a four-lane road or highway within one and one-half miles of the school in which they are enrolled.

HB2556 by Hackworth (SB3081 by McNally) Requires state funds pay for transportation for students living within one and one-half miles from a public school in which such students are enrolled if there are special hazard zones present as identified from an engineering and traffic investigation

HB2651 by Hackworth (SB3080 by McNally) Requires a local education authority (LEA) upon request of a parent to survey area within one and one-half miles of school to determine if any special hazards for students walking to such school exist; LEA shall send positive findings to the commissioner of transportation; commissioner must reject such findings within 60 days or state will pay for transportation to school for such students

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