Businesses that don’t suck

After positive experiences with both my dentist and doctor’s offices this week, I realized that I have a number of reliable businesses with whom I am actually pretty pleased. After brief consideration, here’s my list. Though the list of companies that suck is longer, most of my money goes to companies that don’t. That’s a good thing.

Sunshine Playschool
O.K. I’m embarassed to admit that I overlooked this one. Adding in after the fact for obvious reasons.

My bank
Not going to list them by name (they aren’t local so it wouldn’t matter much) but they’ve taken care of us for over 15 years. I hear a lot of people make a big deal about having a “local” bank. Funny, I’ve never really had a need to have physical access to my bank. It’s really hard to believe that so many do considering how well ours does from so far away.

Hooray for Kroger! Nice, clean store. Good food. Competitive prices. Great sales. Good people.

My dentist, Dr. Horton
We always get in and out in a timely manner. Never have a problem getting an appointment. And unlike our previous providers, when work is done, it is done well. I also have the pleasure of some pretty interesting political discussions.

Family Doctors of Oak Ridge
Turns out, we were some of their original patients, having moved to town about the same time. We got really lucky. Dr. Grabenstein, Dr. Fabricious and all of their staff have taken very good care of us. As an added bonus, Dr. Fabricious also serves as our pediatrician. We’ve maximized our visits a number of times, sometimes getting the entire family taken care of in one trip.

Farm Bureau
When we first moved here, everyone else we talked to wanted to treat us as if we’d never had car insurance since we’d been out of the country for 6 years. Chase gave us far more reasonable rates and has remained competitive and attentive when needed (though that hasn’t been much, thankfully). Ironically, I had called him by mistake originally. I thought I had talked with State Farm and when I called them back they were clueless as to who I was. Turns out, I’d inverted the precise 2 digits that got me to FB. Somehow, I figured it out and got Chase back on the phone. We ended up with rates that were about 1/3 to ½ what others were quoting.

Realty 100
Haven’t needed them since we bought our house, but I’ve never forgotten how great Donna Powers was.

Shell in Solway
Pure gas, cheapest price around (when using the 5% rebate program). DH enjoys political and economics discussions with the owner as well.

Craig Bjelland (tree guy)
Does a great job and ½ the price. Can’t ask for more than that.

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