Just Say No – Video Link Updated

In spite of the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans (some estimates are at over 90%) are against a financial bail out, it appears that most of our elected officials are determined to pass such a plan anyway as if to say, “I know better than you.” Funny, but WE elected them. Their arrogance just illuminates the seriousness of our situation. For what it’s worth, I’ve let my thoughts be known on the subject to my elected “representatives.”


I am urging you NOT to support the passage of any form of an economic bailout plan. Doing so only rewards irresponsible behavior and penalizes (twice over) responsible taxpayers. It will also weaken our global economic standing as it will increase our already outrageous national debt.

The idea that our economic structure is in danger of collapse is little more than fear mongering. I believe that we are in crisis, but I don’t buy that we are on the verge of a depression. As for how we got to this point, I place blame on no particular party or entity. Rather, I am certain that many are responsible. I have no confidence in our government to do any better job than the private sector businesses, elected representatives or individuals who have undoubtedly contributed to our economic mess. And with new banks failing every other day, any plan to mitigate the ramifications of such losses will either fall short or will greatly exceed the original price tag agreed upon by congress.

I truly believe that it is necessary for our country to assume the consequences for our actions. As a culture, we’ve been long overdue for a major market correction so as to awaken us to the entitlement mentality that we’ve espoused and lived out through our careless spending habits. It is time to let the chips fall where they may so that failures and misdeeds can be exposed sooner rather than later. Passing a bailout plan will only prolong an inevitably more dire situation by encouraging further neglectful behavior. It will also prove to be an insurmountable stumbling block in a few years when a real crisis arises because the American public will not blindly believe a government who’d previously cried wolf. Worse yet, it won’t matter because, as a nation, we’ll be in no position to remedy our problems on our own.


Trina Baughn
And for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Netmom via ACT

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