Walk This Way

The Oak Ridger ran this article today about Robertsville Middle School’s participation in International Walk to School Month.

According to the article, “Walk This Way is a national program that highlights the benefits of walking to school while encouraging children and parents to be safe pedestrians.” RMS principal Mike Baker and others took students out to the streets to demonstrate safe pedestrian practices, reinforcing lessons taught earlier this year in the classroom.

Our gratitude goes out to Mr. Baker who has been a leading proponent in keeping our children’s safety a top priority this past year. He’s worked at all levels to include preparing and submitting the application for the Safe Routes to School grant to dealing directly with our children on a very personal level every day.

And while much has been accomplished, as this quote demonstrates, there is still much that can and should be done:

“The RMS principal asked how many of the sixth-graders in his group cross that intersection on their way to or from school. About half a dozen students in the group raised their hands.

‘How many of you feel safe doing that?’

Not one student raised his or her hand.

‘How many of you are a little nervous when you do?’

Each of the half-dozen students acknowledged they are scared when crossing the busy intersection.”

Let us not forget and succumb to complacency until our children can claim to live in the safest city in this state!

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