Unresolved Issues

After reading this, it’s obvious that the need for increased awareness and action is still ever-present and very much attainable. More voices, please. Contact your public officials and share your concerns.

Email sent today to City Council, City Manager, Chief of Police, OR School Board,etc.

Hello and Happy New Year! I understand that there was yet another near-miss of a student by a speeding motorist this morning. This news has prompted me to follow up on our previous discussions:

1. Is there still a police officer assigned to direct traffic on a daily basis and, if so, is he/she stationed there in both the morning and afternoons?

2. How many citations for speeding and other violations have been issued in this particular area since the start of the new school year?

3. Have the technical problems with the radar speed sign trailers been resolved? Has one ever been positioned in this area as agreed upon in the October 20th CC meeting?

4. Have you received a response from TDOT regarding your inquiry about implementing speed tables?

5. Has an exact or approximate date been established for the implementation of the speed and red light cameras?

Finally, has any consideration been given to the suggestions provided by the Karns safety officer, in the email I sent you on 10-16-08:

– Visibility for the crossing guard must be increased so that cars on the opposite side of the street can see her and stop in a safer amount of time. A second crossing guard, larger signage, and a lighted portable stop sign could all be of help.

Thank you for your continued attention to this matter and for making the safety of our city’s children a top priority.


Trina Baughn

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  1. I read your post about protecting kids. Very cost effective opportuinities exist to make the streets safer. A lot of times our driver feedback signs (radarsigns) are obtained through grant money. At 1/3 the cost of a trailer hopefully someone can let me know who to contact and possibly get a solution sooner than later. Thank you! Rich Garrett @ rgarrett@radarsign.com

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