Sans Orange

I’ve fond memories of dining at the Alt Landstuhl restaurant when we were living in Kaiserslautern because they served one of the most amazing entrees I’ve ever had – Chateaubriand.

The presentation was something to behold as it most certainly was a feast fit for a king – a medieval one at that. Surrounded by roasted veggies, sat this humongous cut of béarnaise-smothered steak which sat atop a thick piece of brown-gravy-soaked pumpernickel bread. It was all held together with a giant knife or sword of some sort that had been stabbed through an orange that adorned it all like some sort of Christmas tree topper. Making the meal all the sweeter was the price tag. I don’t think we ever paid more than the equivalent of $40 for both of our meals – drinks, tip and all.

I have somewhat of a decent record when it comes to re-creating dishes, though for whatever reason have never given this one a shot. Well, it’s been over a decade since we last ate there, but I did some digging and pieced it together based pretty much on memory. I have to say, I did a pretty darn good job. DH was so impressed he took the picture.

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