Summer Wrap Up

I guess this is it. It’s Labor Day and summer is officially over. Ah, but it was a good one. With DH finishing up his school just before TR’s let out, we had plans to pack this summer with as much fun as we possibly could stand – and we did.

We kicked it off with Inch attending her very first Vacation Bible School. Since FPC doesn’t do VBS, I took her to my family’s church. Don’t you know, she had a blast – so much so that she was crushed when it ended! Gotta’ love it.

Ironically, TR took his driver’s training this summer at the very same church. Now, he’s a month away from total freedom (so he thinks.) He’s finally excited enough to put some work into the car that’s been sitting behind my house for nearly a year. I’m excited for him, but also scared. Besides worrying about his safety, I’ve heard that once he takes off, we’ll rarely see him and his last two years of high school will be a blur. I’m trying harder to treasure every little bit of time we have, something I probably should have worked harder on all along. But I digress.

We travelled a lot this summer. In addition to our TCI trip, DH and I made it over to Hilton Head for a mini-getaway of our own. We had a good time but quickly realized that we would have had more fun if we would have brought the kids. That was probably due to our putting a greater focus on family as of late. After two years away, we finally made it back down to Atlanta for July 4th to visit DH’s aunt and uncle. It was also the first full summer since my mom moved up here, so the kids spent a lot of time with her. Sometime during it all, my brother and his family came in for a visit. This was the first time we met his wife and daughter and it was great to have so much of our family together at one time.

In between out-of-town trips and visitors, we took advantage of local attractions with visits to the Children’s Museum, the lake, and the Smokies, including a visit with Inch to Ripley’s Aquarium. All in all, we packed a lot in and managed to create a truly memorable summer. Now we turn another page. Inch takes her very first ballet lesson tomorrow…….

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