JMS Traffic Concerns

From: Trina Baughn
Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 5:01 PM
To: ‘Chief Beams’
Cc: ORSM; City Council
Subject: JMS Traffic Concerns

Chief Beams,

I’ve been in touch with Terri, the JMS crossing guard. She has informed me that the pedestrian traffic has drastically increased this year (from 8 am/pm crossers last year to over 36 this year) and that motorist disregard for safety has worsened as well. She describes the situation as being most chaotic in the morning between 6:50-7:45 and between 2:45-3:05 in the afternoon. It sounds very similar to what Rhonda was facing on the Turnpike with Fairbanks traffic racing through the school zone with little regards for the traffic exiting and entering JMS.

Terri is seriously concerned about the children’s safety as well as hers. She has some excellent, simple suggestions on correcting the matter that don’t require police presence. She has left multiple messages with the ORPD, but has not heard back from anyone. Given the danger she is facing, I feel her concerns warrant, at the very least, a return call or an onsite visit to observe what she’s dealing with. How soon can you help her?

Trina Baughn

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