Decade @ a Glance

This year was hands-down one of the most blessed years of my life. In fact, the entire last decade exceeded my wildest dreams. If yours didn’t, I pray that the Lord will lead you towards your own decade of blessings and, more importantly, that you’ll follow.

Metz Trip, VOY ball, graduation from UMUC, left Germany/Army for TN, first Evansville trip

Seattle Trip to visit Susan, TX trip for W & W’s wedding/DHS reunion & Houston side trip, Higgs visit, 9/11,TX trip for Colleen & John’s wedding, closed on house, Susan visits, Higgs visit

DH’s back surgery, DH back to school, LB moves in, LB moves out, Charleston/ATL Trip, HBM joins our family, Higgs visit

Orlando Trip w/ Logans, Anniversary Trip to NOLA, DH & I both loose our jobs within a week of each other, Nephew #3 (DM) is born, Susan visits, MIL visits, Graeffs visit, resume my walk with Christ, start FPC, DH’s graduation, FIL passes away, trip to Evansville, Burchett visits, HBM leaves our family

BIL moves in, BIL returns to TX, D.C. trip, M & J join our family, Higgs’ visit, TR’s first year of Church Camp at Coker Creek, Littlest Sis comes in for the summer, I have bad fall down stairs, TR’s Baptism, Niece #1 (HMM) is born ,Paul visits, M & J leave our family

ATL trip (ice storm!), Mom & Littlest Sis visit, Granny passes away, Evansville trip, Houston Trip, S.C. trip to see Chet in hospital, TR to FL for camp, Augusta/Jekyll Island to visit Chet in hospital & visit the Danzies, start working for the best company in the world, two weeks later find out we’re pregnant!!!!!, DH to DFW for work, Gatlinburg Mini-Ski Trip

DH to VA for work, Higgs’ visit, Nephew #4 (BTM) is born, Inch is born!!!, TR mission trip to NOLA, TR camps in Panama City, Higgs visit again on way to FL, Colleen visits, DH to OH for work, TX road trip

ATL trip, work conference in Louisville, Gatlinburg w/ Higgs, Niece #2(KM) is born, TR camps in Panama City, Turks & Caicos first trip, TR starts high school, Inch has tubes surgery, tragedy in our small town, Masons visit

DH back to school, Littlest Brother gets married, TR mission trip to Waco, Niece #3 (MM) is born, MIL visits, Gulf Shores trip, TR gets driver’s permit, Jackson family visits, Mom & Littlest Sister move from TX, DH turns 40

Nephew # 5(DJM) is born, DH graduates, Turks & Caicos return trip, ATL trip, Oldest Little Brother & family visit, Hilton Head trip, camping in Townsend, TR gets license and first car, DH promotion (work trips to Charleston, Memphis, & D.C.), Orlando trip, DH foot surgery

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