Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Takes Action

While the wailing and gnashing of teeth continues over the RLCs, there are some people focused on moving forward with the real work of protecting pedestrians and bicyclists alike.

According to this article, members of the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee held a forum this week to discuss “ensuring safety for all who want to bicycle or walk throughout the city” with the hopes of developing a plan that will position the city to apply for grants that will help fund sidewalks and greenways.
Even as we are finally getting much needed sidewalks along the Turnpike on the west side of town, there are so many other areas that need attention. Given our size and history, the limited number of sidewalks we have is both pitiful and dangerous. I don’t have any stats, but do recall a handful of deaths (of experienced cyclists) which tells me that we can do better.
So, the fact that there are grants to be had and apparently a lot of people willing to put for the time and effort to get them is great news! I don’t know how it missed my radar, but I will be digging further and will post follow ups as I learn more.

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